We offer a variety of end-user, marketer, sales representative, administrator, sales manager, and pilot user training courses that help each individual implement and use Salesforce CRM to improve, automate, and ease their daily tasks. This task is accomplished by training and teaching users the basics and the intricacies of using their Salesforce CRM system.

Benefits of Training module - Decreased training time with more focused training, molded to your needs, giving you more time to spend with customers and prospects rather than learning features you may never use.

You pick the focus of your training program, and the level of knowledge you would like to gain.

Complementary, our trainers recommend a custom designed curriculum based on analysis of your business needs and processes, and Salesforce configuration All training is done using your own customized CRM Salesforce software.

Additional training on Salesforce configuration, development, customization, implementation, where the participants can learn and practice setting up, configuring, and maintaining Salesforce.

Refresher training
The courses and training sessions can be held on-line, over the phone, via email or in person, whichever option is the most time-efficient and convenient for the user. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of training options, which will use your customized Salesforce CRM and are geared towards your level of understanding of the Salesforce system.

As a result, we train:
New Salesforce users
Experienced Salesforce users who need more specific training
Customer Service Representatives
Marketing Representatives
Sales Representatives
IT personnel
Power users
System Administrators
Office Managers

To get the most out of your Salesforce CRM software consider implementing regular Salesforce CRM training sessions that reinforce processes, highlight important features, and provide refresher training on particular functions and uses of your Salesforce CRM system.

SalesForce Training typically covers the following most popular features:
Web to Lead Automation 
Accounts & Contacts
Marketing & Lead Tracking 
Opportunities & Quotes
Customization (Apps, Consoles, Fields, Reports)
Approvals and Workflow 
Email & Calendaring
Content Library 
Analytics & Forecasting
Contracts, Documents, Entitlements

Bolkris Solutions has expertise for all kinds of CRM systems and we are able to provide remote/web-based Online training anywhere in the world.

We also offer onsite and in-person training as per client's requirements.