Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing services allow you to outsource your entire IT operation, easily adapt to growth or contraction, reduce your capital expenditures, and respond quickly to new market conditions.

Working in the Cloud frees you to access IT Applications only when you need them, saving you thousands on software purchases, development costs and licensing fees.

Virtualization provides end users leverage to embrace cloud computing solutions and technologies. While the industry has been slow to adapt to public clouds, private clouds are being exploited to run small to large software applications.

We provide Consulting services for proven virtualization solutions that significantly reduce IT complexity.

The main value of cloud services is the business problems they solve and the value they can provide in helping businesses:

  • Decrease costs
  • Collaborate better with their customers
  • Get to market faster and achieve a competitive advantage in their industry

We provide Consulting solutions and Technical support for leading Cloud Solution company:

WFT Cloud helps run SAP Applications optimally within customer datacenter (On Premises) or on the Cloud (Virtual Private Cloud or Hybrid)

WFT Cloud services:

  • SAP Cloud Services (Private, Public and Hybrid)
  • SAP Virtualization Services / Infrastructure HA / DR Services
  • SAP Application Services
  • SAP Infrastructure Advanced Sizing
  • SAP Managed Services

WFT Cloud delivers:

  • ROI analysis identifying which applications would provide the best returns when migrated to a Cloud environment
  • An enterprise-level Cloud adoption roadmap plan and implementation plan
  • An explanation of how the plan aligns with business strategy
  • Security strategies
  • Guidelines for deployment, security testing and operational management

Benefits of WFT Cloud Servers:

  • Provision SAP Systems in minutes
  •          With a wide range of SAP Cloud computing solutions, WFT Cloud provides a platform to provision fully configured          SAP Systems in minutes.

  • Basis Support Included
  •          All the Cloud SAP, ERP systems come with a fixed amount of Basis support to help you solve any issues arising          out of moving your systems to WFT Cloud SAP, ERP systems.

  • Extend your Data Center
  •          If your datacenter is running out of space, power or cooling, avail the benefits of moving to WFT Cloud SAP, ERP          services

  • SAP Landscape Refresh Made Easy
  •        Need an additional SAP system to test code before you start your upgrade, avail the WFT Cloud SAP, ERP          system to test all functionalities before you start the upgrade.